Divination Services

I offer Rune readings under the auspices of Angrboda. I read with the Anglo Saxon Futhorc.

A reading consists of asking your questions, and reaching into the bag to select a handful of runes, and literally tossing them onto a cloth in front of me. I remove anything face down, and interpret the runes based on the pattern the fall. Occasionally, for clarification I will either pull a single rune, or a card from the Giant’s Tarot.

Rune readings are $25 per reading payable in advance via PayPal to Please send it as a gift, as otherwise PayPal takes a portion of the funds. I would suggest waiting until I’ve responded to your email inquiry before sending the payment, in case I am for unavailable at the time, or for some reason unable to accept your inquiry.

If you are unable to pay my directly, I am open to barter, assuming you have some good or service I am in need of.

You may ask up to three related questions per reading. If you would like a second opinion, I may be able to direct you to another diviner, though I cannot guarantee their availability.

Why do I charge for readings? I’ll leave that explanation to Elizabeth Vongvisith, who puts it very eloquently: Fair Exchange.


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